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Energie Afrique Services Consulting is based in Bordeaux, France. EAS is a company of professionals and expert in the electricity sector providing medium, low and extra-low voltage electrical equipment on the African and Indian Ocean market.

EAS Consulting is led by its founder Robert BRISSET that comes out of his expertise of over 25 years of the African market, created to better support its partners bringing its knowledge in the electricity sector and an important skill of international trading.

EAS Consulting is an electrical equipment purchasing office and delivers true added value through its services, consultancy, training, auditing and technical studies.

We work in four strategic business areas:

Medium/low voltage (MV and LV) electricity supplies
Building power supplies
Industrial power supplies
Street, commercial sector and solar powered lighting
EAS Consulting has a strong foothold in Africa’s electricity sector. We can provide technical studies, technical support, and auditing, in addition to supplying electrical equipment for hospitals, hotels, building projects, industrial projects (oil/gas and farming) and factory construction. For industry, we can provide electrical shelters, MCCs, distribution, and protection.

We are also involved in electrification projects, specifically extending MV and LV networks. We also deal with energy distribution and transformation up to end subscribers, as well as public lighting. In addition to providing technical support and technical studies, we supply equipment and supervise site work.

We share our knowledge and network of contacts in the electricity business with our African partners.

Our key goal is to provide is to provide effective technical and logistical solutions in the electricity sector, be it at the design, supply, or supervision stage.

Our corporate culture is based on technical expertise, our equipment know-how and grassroots experience of rolling out appropriate technologies.

EAS Consulting offers a wide range of products suited to several types of clients and tailored to their expectations and requirements. What sets our range apart from the competition? Our range covers all areas of the electricity sector.

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EAS Consulting's core business is managing, outsourcing and optimizing your electrical equipment purchases. We support our African clients and partners in their efforts to research and order electrical products and equipment.
EAS Consulting also provides a technical support, auditing, consultancy and professional training service for public and private sector stakeholders in the electricity market. Its main clients are public electricity companies, sub-contracting private sector companies and installers for MV and LV networks, industry and technical training centres.
EAS Consulting is involved in preparation for work on high voltage lines and sub-stations and also on public distribution and industrial network protection plans (protection, automation and metering).
We are a solutions provider in the traditional public street lighting and solar powered lighting sector.
We work on the ground supervising site work and we can also devise tailor-made training.
We link up African companies and pool skills.
The main brands sold by EAS
We have been involved in numerous important projects in all of our areas of expertise.

For MV and LV networks, EAS Consulting has played an active role in a large number of projects to extend or build MV networks (15 – 60,000V) for providers such as SONABEL, EDM, SOMELEC, CIE, NIGELEC, CEB and AES Sonel, and for equiping a large number of MV and LV sub-stations.

We have been involved in the services sector in building and renovating hospitals (Sangmelima Hospital in Cameroon, Ouahigouya Regional Hospital in Burkina Faso), hotels (the Chain Hotel in Guinea and the Azalai Hotel in Benin and Mali) and a large number of other projects, including luxury villas in Chad, the Japanese Embassy in Benin, and Laborex’s head offices in Senegal.

We also work with our local partners on industrial projects, including mine building and maintenance projects (Wassoulor gold mines in Mali, SNIM iron mines in Mauritania) and with other industries, including MABUCIG in Burkina Faso, EUROBATEX in Mali, SNH in Cameroon, Graphique Industrie in Mali, Togolese TV and the SFOI plastics factory in Madagascar.

We have also been involved in several public street lighting projects, from the initial technical studies to supply for the towns of Bougouni and Kati in Mali, working with SOMELEC to install lighting in some of Nouakchott, and public street lighting in a housing development in Chad. We have also supplied solar powered lighting equipment for a hotel car park in Chad and for a number of streets in Dakar in Senegal.
We also supply traffic lights and have rolled out several such projects in Togo and Benin.





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